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So I changed the name of my blog because I wanted this to be more about my experiences about being a working, downtown, mommy who is also a separate person — sometimes — when I don’t have another little six or two year old tugging at my leg.

I want to celebrate all the working moms out there who are doing it “all” (and that can differ for each of us: from day to day, hour to hour). Sometimes, I am just glad that I was able to make it home on time to see our two girls for 10 minutes before they go to bed and sometimes, I celebrate the fact that I was able to make dinner two straight nights in a row, and sometimes, I celebrate having an amazing meeting at work in which I thoughtfully planned the meeting and even prepared an agenda, and sometimes (though rarely) I celebrate that I was able to go to the gym for 30 minutes or go to pilates class.

Whatever you are celebrating, no matter how great or little, you are doing it all. You are working, you are a mommy and you are you. You are a Triple Threat Mommy.