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Always Learning: Mom, Wife, Student, Career Gal

Mom:  Always learning – every day is new milestone with our 19 month and our almost-6-year old.  S learns a new word it seems like every minute.  Every sentence I say, she picks out a word and starts saying it.  O can now read like a 1st grader and is loving it.  She now reads “silently” to herself.  Amazing.

Wife:  Always learning – we have to slow down – we are running at the speed of light…and guess what, we ran so fast we missed our anniversary yesterday.  The Hubby actually spent it with his buddys and I spent it with the Housewives of NJ. We were equally happy, but that’s just so messed up we missed our day!

Student:  Always learning – just had two weeks off between semesters, and about to start my summer 09 semester next week!  A bit stressed on how I can possibly juggle everything…but I always look back, and realize, I CAN do it.  

Career Gal:  Always learning – on how to do things more efficiently and more importantly, learning how to cultivate those relationships with those work people who  you probably spend more time with than your family.  

And, as Anne of Green Gables said, “Each day is is a whole new day – without any mistakes in it!” (or something like that)