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Shopping For Father’s Day: Claiborne by John Bartlett to the Rescue!

Ok, so I may be biased, but, if you are going to shop for dad this weekend, head to the newly launched Claiborne by John Bartlett shop.  It’s only slightly uptown to the west village to 143 Seventh Avenue @ Charles Street (take the 2/3 to 14th street, and walk south a couple of blocks).

Image courtesy of Claiborne by John Bartlett

Image courtesy of Claiborne by John Bartlett

The collection is “authentic American style for the authentic American man”.  It’s grown-up, easy and well-priced:  from polos at $39.50, plaid shorts at $55 and long-sleeved button down mini-gingham shirts at $69.50, they are all great gifts for dad!  Also, if you purchase $75 or more you  get some fun gifts with your purchase! The store is open 11-7 daily from Thursday 6/18 – Monday 6/22, so hurry up and bring dad shopping.  And definitely don’t get him another tie.


Some New Addictions…(fashion addictions, that is)

So, I have to come clean, I’ve put some new favorite links over there to the right, all fashion related – and none of them kid-related.  So, I have to explain why they are there:

1) 17 blocks from barneys:  is a blog that is created by a co-worker of mine.  I knew she was fabulous, but didn’t know HOW fabulous.  She works on the copy of our website (see below) and is just amazing and obviously has  a wonderful eye and an amazing POV on fashion. Gotta love KK.

2) Liz Claiborne: Aforementioned co-worker and I work at Liz Claiborne, and let me tell you, this isn’t the Liz Claiborne that your mother was wearing 15 years ago.  First of all, Isaac Mizrahi is the new creative director and he has taken Liz Claiborne and brought the brand to where it should be:  in all of the fashion magazines and in all of our closets.  I have been wearing more Liz Claiborne these past 2 months than ever before, and I’ve gotten more compliments than ever!  The dresses are selling out, and the leather handbags are to die for!  Seriously.  And its not just because I work for them.

3) The Outnet:  My latest website addiction that I check out every day, whenever I can.  Amazing brands like See by Chloe, Marc Jacobs, DVF all around 60% – 80% off.  The stuff still comes out expensive (the prices of the items with the discount is the same price as O’s and S’s art classes) but, it’s still great to browse. You never know when you are going to get that deal!

Things that Make My Life Easier Awards

I would just like to thank those below who have clearly made my life easier:

1. Century 21:  I live down the block from Century 21 and for quick gifts, the best deals on housewares and kids shoes, you can’t beat it. Anytime O has a birthday party, I know that Century will have something that her friends would like: From Disney, Hannah Montana, High School Musical to Melissa and Doug – they’ve got it all at great prices. If for some reason, I have a spare moment, I always do a drive-by of the shoe department, especially the downstairs European section where you can get great finds from Chloe, Marc Jacobs to LAMB.

Century 21

Century 21

2. Max Delivery For those late nights when you just realize, “I just ran out of O’s frozen pancakes” or “S has a fever and we have no Infant’s Motrin” or if you’re the only parent home and can’t get outside – Max Delivery always…delivers. Anything you order gets to your door in under an hour.

3. Costco’s wipes and a jumbo pack of diapers delivered to your door within 3 days. Enough said.

4. Whole Foods TriBeCa’s Delivery Service I know that the food is fresh, organic and well-edited. I don’t have to think when I walk into a Whole Foods. I can go and pick out a huge cart-full of product, take what I need for today’s lunch home with me, and the rest will get delivered to me within 4 hours.


Whole Foods Tribeca

Whole Foods Tribeca



5. If there is a mom out there who ISN’T a member of HRP Mamas, sign up now! HRP Mamas is a Yahoo group of over 1000 downtown moms who use the listserve for tips, questions, and as a sounding board. Topics span everything from CIO, the best family vacations to what one does for one’s nanny’s birthday. They even have playgroups set up for every age group. I’ve found some wonderful mamas out there through HRP Mamas. I don’t know what I would do without it!


HRP Mamas

HRP Mamas


6. Barnes and Noble / Bed, Bath & Beyond / Whole Foods The fact that all three are within one block just takes one-stop-shopping to the next level!

I am sure there are more, but those are the top things that make living downtown easy!