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Love Heals 2009 Really Helps Love Heal

I am so excited that I’ll be partaking in the Love Heals 2009 festivities tomorrow in Southampton.   It is a great cause, one that I became aware of because Claiborne by John Bartlett is one of the Grand Sponsors of the event.  Love Heals supports the Alison Gertz foundation which educates students in New York City about HIV/AIDS by visiting schools and community groups, particularly in high-risk communities.
The Hubby and I are actually going to this event – sans kids.  So, it’ll be a one night vacation, date-night and work function all rolled into one. Both sets of grandparents will be taking care of the girls.  We’ll miss them both so much, but we need this much needed break.  We have been working so hard the past several months, and we feel more like a tag-team rather than husband and wife.  It’ll be good to have a long 2.5 hour drive out to Southampton, walk around to the stores, maybe get some Dreesen’s in East Hampton, go OUT, and sleep past 7 am.  There’ll be a lot of Love Healing all around!


Date Night: Restaurant MARC FORGIONE fka FORGE

Our last true date night (just by ourselves) was spent at a fabulous neighborhood restaurant called Forge and it was truly amazing.  Laid back yet absolutely delicious, the $68 Seasonal Tasting Menu was SO tasty – every course was a complete surprise in terms of the combination of flavors.  

The atmosphere, like I said, was laid back, yet elegant.  Our server was so friendly, yet not overbearing.  We are definitely coming back, and probably having The Hubby’s birthday here.  Plus, they are a supporter of The Taste of Tribeca, which is the benefit that ends all benefits, that supports PS 234 and PS 150 here in Tribeca.  Which makes Forge even better in my book!

p.s. Starting in May, they’ll have a family-friendly brunch menu, which will make this date night restaurant to a family-friendly restaurant on the weekends!