Quality vs. Quantity

My first entry, so there’s a ton of pressure for it to be a good one. but the thing that is looming over my mind right now, is that this will be the THIRD straight weekend that my husband and I haven’t spent together. Two weekends ago I had to fly out to california for my grandmother’s funeral and help my mom with organizing my grandmother’s items. Last weekend, my husband visited his family for his dad’s 70th birthday. and this weekend, well, I have a business trip. I told my oldest daughter, O, that i was going to go away for “two sleeps” and she replied emphatically, “Again?!?”.

No matter how many business trips I go on, it never will get easy. the pangs of guilt will always be there. other working mommys and I always commiserate and tell ourselves that its quality not quantity that counts. I know, I know, but when you come home at 6:15 and your little one goes to sleep at 7, and the older one goes to bed at 8, there leaves little wiggle room for the quantity portion. So the quality rules here. I try to come home, get myself out of work clothes, and dive right in with kisses and hugs, questions about the day, asking how ballet/art/music/tumbling class was, what they had for dinner, and some stories before getting down to the night-night routine. It’s tough, and I question if its enough every night. Sometimes the grass is always greener on the SAHM side, but at this point in time, that’s not an option. I actually like working, and it keeps me balanced. so, the bottom line is – quality will just have to work…and there’s always next weekend!

2 responses to “Quality vs. Quantity

  1. Kelley Mandola

    i agree!!! working moms have it tough. i battle with this everyday too. i feel like as soon as u become a mom you have to be a SUPERWOMAN, no ?’s asked.

    GO SPAMMY!!!!!!!!

  2. Diaper District

    THANKS KELL!!! So glad to hear that there are other mom’s having the guilty feeling, and glad to hear that I’m not alone. Although that doesn’t make it any better!!! How do we minimize the guilt?!?

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