Come and Visit My New Blog: Triple Threat Mommy!

Diaper District is now closed, but don’t fret, when a door is closed, another one opens and my new blog, Triple Threat Mommy is open! Please come and read, write comments, enjoy!

Thanks for reading!


So I changed the name of my blog because I wanted this to be more about my experiences about being a working, downtown, mommy who is also a separate person — sometimes — when I don’t have another little six or two year old tugging at my leg.

I want to celebrate all the working moms out there who are doing it “all” (and that can differ for each of us: from day to day, hour to hour). Sometimes, I am just glad that I was able to make it home on time to see our two girls for 10 minutes before they go to bed and sometimes, I celebrate the fact that I was able to make dinner two straight nights in a row, and sometimes, I celebrate having an amazing meeting at work in which I thoughtfully planned the meeting and even prepared an agenda, and sometimes (though rarely) I celebrate that I was able to go to the gym for 30 minutes or go to pilates class.

Whatever you are celebrating, no matter how great or little, you are doing it all. You are working, you are a mommy and you are you. You are a Triple Threat Mommy.

Love Heals 2009 Really Helps Love Heal

I am so excited that I’ll be partaking in the Love Heals 2009 festivities tomorrow in Southampton.   It is a great cause, one that I became aware of because Claiborne by John Bartlett is one of the Grand Sponsors of the event.  Love Heals supports the Alison Gertz foundation which educates students in New York City about HIV/AIDS by visiting schools and community groups, particularly in high-risk communities.
The Hubby and I are actually going to this event – sans kids.  So, it’ll be a one night vacation, date-night and work function all rolled into one. Both sets of grandparents will be taking care of the girls.  We’ll miss them both so much, but we need this much needed break.  We have been working so hard the past several months, and we feel more like a tag-team rather than husband and wife.  It’ll be good to have a long 2.5 hour drive out to Southampton, walk around to the stores, maybe get some Dreesen’s in East Hampton, go OUT, and sleep past 7 am.  There’ll be a lot of Love Healing all around!

Shopping For Father’s Day: Claiborne by John Bartlett to the Rescue!

Ok, so I may be biased, but, if you are going to shop for dad this weekend, head to the newly launched Claiborne by John Bartlett shop.  It’s only slightly uptown to the west village to 143 Seventh Avenue @ Charles Street (take the 2/3 to 14th street, and walk south a couple of blocks).

Image courtesy of Claiborne by John Bartlett

Image courtesy of Claiborne by John Bartlett

The collection is “authentic American style for the authentic American man”.  It’s grown-up, easy and well-priced:  from polos at $39.50, plaid shorts at $55 and long-sleeved button down mini-gingham shirts at $69.50, they are all great gifts for dad!  Also, if you purchase $75 or more you  get some fun gifts with your purchase! The store is open 11-7 daily from Thursday 6/18 – Monday 6/22, so hurry up and bring dad shopping.  And definitely don’t get him another tie.

Always Learning: Mom, Wife, Student, Career Gal

Mom:  Always learning – every day is new milestone with our 19 month and our almost-6-year old.  S learns a new word it seems like every minute.  Every sentence I say, she picks out a word and starts saying it.  O can now read like a 1st grader and is loving it.  She now reads “silently” to herself.  Amazing.

Wife:  Always learning – we have to slow down – we are running at the speed of light…and guess what, we ran so fast we missed our anniversary yesterday.  The Hubby actually spent it with his buddys and I spent it with the Housewives of NJ. We were equally happy, but that’s just so messed up we missed our day!

Student:  Always learning – just had two weeks off between semesters, and about to start my summer 09 semester next week!  A bit stressed on how I can possibly juggle everything…but I always look back, and realize, I CAN do it.  

Career Gal:  Always learning – on how to do things more efficiently and more importantly, learning how to cultivate those relationships with those work people who  you probably spend more time with than your family.  

And, as Anne of Green Gables said, “Each day is is a whole new day – without any mistakes in it!” (or something like that)

Don’t Just Sit There, Go to Taste of Tribeca!

If you are going to do ANYTHING ANYTHING this Saturday the 13th, its to go to Taste of Tribeca!  This downtown culinary festival was founded in 1994 by the parents of children in Tribeca’s two public elementary schools, PS 150 and PS 234 (O’s school!!!).  This festival brings together Tribeca’s best restaurants in an amazing delicious experience!  


Picture courtesy of

A ticket ($40 in advance) or $45 day of the event gets your 6 delicious tastes from some of downtown’s finest chefs. Just a taste of who will be there: Bouley, City Hall, Chanterelle, Marc Forgione (my latest obsession).

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Seriously Go! Run! Eat! 100% the money donated will be to raise money for Tribeca’s public elementary schools!

It’s 8 a.m. Do You Know Where to Eat Breakfast?

You’ve been there before:  it’s Saturday and it’s 8 a.m., you’ve been up since 6:30, the kids have eaten the last frozen waffle, and the kids are already itching to get out. Where do you go at this god-awful hour?  Luckily for us in the Diaper District (fka the Financial District), we’ve got a ton of places to go that are great for the whole family.  Here’s the round-up:

1.  Jack’s Stir Brew on Front Street:  Their coffee, latte’s, apple cider are delicious and everything is organic, fair trade, shade grown – all the right buzzwords.  I don’t know how they do it but they also perfectly toast bagel and give you the right amount of cream cheese.  The only thing is that it’s a bit tough with a stroller because there are stairs.  But its worth it.  We go almost every weekend with the girls.  

Jack's Stir Brew Front Street.  Photo courtesy of Aracia Project

Jack's Stir Brew Front Street. Photo courtesy of Aracia Project

 2.  Financier on Cedar Street:  They serve Illy coffee, there’s outdoor seating, enough room for the kids to run around, and a fountain to distract them…and there’s a ramp for strollers.  What more can you ask for??

Illy Coffee at Financier.  Photo courtesy of Arancia Project

Illy Coffee at Financier. Photo courtesy of Arancia Project

3. Dunkin’ Donuts: OK, I know its not a place where you could actually sit, but face it, the kids love it. Once it starts getting warm, you pack the kids in the stroller, get a nice tall iced coffee, a toasted bagel with cream cheese (it’s not so bad, the bagels have actually gotten better) and you can get 4 muchkins for a dollar. Tell the kids its their treat for drinking all their milk at breakfast. And seriously, a Dunkin D is at almost every corner so it’s just easy.

Dunkin Donuts on Fulton.  Photo courtesy of Laser Burners  (flickr)

Dunkin Donuts on Fulton. Photo courtesy of Laser Burners (flickr)

4. Le Pain Quotidien: Ok, if you want to go totally out, head over to W. Broadway and Warren. The coffee is delicious (you get your own little pot of coffee), and the yummy soft boiled eggs bring me back to childhood when my mom made them for me every weekend morning. It’s super-family-friendly and there are good food options for kids. The only thing is that my husband left kind of hungry, and we were $50 down by 9:30 that morning.

Soft Boiled Eggs at Le Pain Quotidien.  Photo Courtesy of ajshrimpkins (flickr)

Soft Boiled Eggs at Le Pain Quotidien. Photo Courtesy of ajshrimpkins (flickr)

And after breakfast, you can work off all that you ate at one of the nearby playgrounds.  By then of course, you’ll have to figure out what to do for lunch.